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Basic and Clinical Myology Laboratory

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Lab head: Professor Gordon Lynch


Research vision

Our laboratory investigates the mechanisms underlying skeletal muscle wasting and weakness, and develops and tests therapies to counteract muscle wasting disorders. The laboratory’s research is primarily focused on muscle wasting caused by ageing (sarcopenia), muscle diseases (such as the muscular dystrophies), and cancer cachexia, and we also investigate novel approaches for improving muscle repair after injury. Our work also has application for many other muscle wasting conditions including sepsis and other forms of metabolic stress, denervation, disuse, inactivity, unloading or microgravity, burns, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, chronic kidney or heart failure, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Our studies involve investigation of molecular pathways regulating muscle size and function with a translational approach of cell culture experiments complemented by studies utilising different animal models for these muscle wasting conditions. Our ultimate goal is to apply this information to human patients in collaborative studies with orthodontists and maxillofacial surgeons, anaesthetists, critical care physicians, and plastic and reconstructive surgeons.

Lab photo February 2011
Basic and Clinical Myology Laboratory (August 2011)
[Back row, from left] Prof. Gordon Lynch, Dr. Stefan Gehrig, Mr. Timur Naim, Mr. Nic Tirtaatmadja, Dr. David Stapleton, Mr. Valerian Zaitsev, Dr. René Koopman. [Front row, from left] Mr. Daniel Ham, Dr. Karen Martins, Miss Annabel Chee, Dr. Kristy Swiderski, Ms Fiona Colarossi, Dr. Kate Murphy, Miss Jennifer Trieu, Mr. Dale Baum.






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