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  Photo: Mark Hargreaves   Mark Hargreaves
Professor Location N603  
Research Telephone 8344 8007  
  Facsimile 8344 5818  
Exercise Physiology & Metabolism Email m.hargreaves@unimelb.edu.au  


I completed by BSc (1982) and PhD (1989) degrees in physiology at The University of Melbourne and an MA (1984) in exercise physiology at the Human Performance Laboratory, Ball State University, USA. My pre-and post-doctoral training included two visits to the University of Copenhagen. I am a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine. During my spare time I enjoy tennis and reading sport biographies.


Convenor 536-304
Lecturer 536-308
PBL tutor 510-110

Service to the University, discipline or community and recent presentations

University service:
Departmental Committee and Academic Board.
External service:
Board member of Football Victoria Development and Victorian Institute of Sport; Member, AFL Research Board
Editorial Boards:
Journal of Applied Physiology, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews, Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology, Journal of Sport Sciences

Research Profile, Interests and Recent Publications

My research interests focus on the physiological and metabolic responses to exercise, with a particular emphasis on the regulation of skeletal muscle carbohydrate metabolism. Current projects investigate the molecular regulation of the glucose transport protein GLUT4 in human skeletal muscle following acute and chronic exercise.

Recent Publications:

McGee, S.L., K.F. Howlett, R.L. Starkie, D. Cameron-Smith, B.E. Kemp and M. Hargreaves. Exercise increases nuclear AMPK α2 in human skeletal muscle. Diabetes. 52: 926-928, 2003.

Rose, A.J. and M. Hargreaves. Exercise increases Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II activity in human skeletal muscle. J. Physiol. 553: 303-309, 2003.

McGee, S.L. and Hargreaves, M. Exercise and myocyte enhancer factor 2 regulation in human skeletal muscle. Diabetes. 53: 1208-1214, 2004.

Kraniou, G.N., D. Cameron-Smith and M. Hargreaves. Effect of short-term training on GLUT-4 mRNA and protein expression in human skeletal muscle. Exp. Physiol. 89: 559-563, 2004.

Recent invited lectures include:

"Exercise and GLUT-4 in human skeletal muscle" Scandinavian Physiological Society, Lundsbrunn Spa, Sweden, May, 2004

"How carbohydrate affects training adaptations" American College of Sports Medicine Annual Scientific Meeting, Indianapolis, USA, June, 2004.

Research Funding

Current research funding:

National Health & Medical Research Council G. McConell, B. Canny and M. Hargreaves Glucose uptake during exercise: important role of AMPK and NO? (2003-2005)

Australian Research Council K. Howlett and M. Hargreaves. Intracellular localisation of insulin signalling proteins in human skeletal muscle following exercise (2004-2006)


Gordon Lynch

Currently Supervised Staff/Students

Marcelo Flores Opazo


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